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What Type Of Furniture Did Knights Have?

What Type Of Furniture Did Knights Have?

During the medieval period (which was from 476 AD to 1453), Knights lived in abodes which can be said to be habitable even in modern times.

Knights inhabited manors which consisted of a hall, which was made for dining, a solar, which was made for sleeping, and a Garderobe which was the restroom. Based on the fact that knights received a fair pay during the medieval era, they could afford good furniture for their homes – unlike peasants who lived in “bed and board” houses. For Knights these may help, below are some furniture Medieval Era Knights had.

  • Portable Furniture

Knights in the medieval era had a lot of portable furniture due to the fact that Knights moved around quite often. The portable furniture made it easy to be transported whenever the Knights made a move. These portable furnitures include benches, chests, wooden barrels, bed, pallets, folding chairs, and trestle tables.

For knights these may help, the most important portable furniture for knights were travel chests, whereas modern day people now refer to as ‘travel trunk.’ These trunks were made from trees to have a hollow center which was for the belongings. The trunks also had iron handles for carriage.

  • Permanent Furniture

Despite having to move around often, most knights who served kings and high lords had the privilege to remain in their homes for a while hence they had permanent fixtures. These fixtures include cupboards and wardrobes for storing their belonging.

There were also window seats, wall seats, fireplaces, larders, chests, and built-in washbasins. Most halls in the homes had built in buffet tables, and the dining area also had built in dining tables. For knights these may help, it is important to note that the color of furniture in the medieval knight’s home often had the same pattern or similar colors.


For Knights these may help, a very popular piece of furniture for knight made use of were tables. One of the most popular tales of knights includes the Knights of the Round Table. During the time of this tale, tables were used to hold meetings as well as wine and dine. Before that period though, tables were only used for meetings. Some tables which were used in the medieval times include:

  • Pier table: This table is always placed closed to the wall. The table was either used for decorations or to hide cracks on walls.
  • Trestle table: The trestle table was often used by knights as dining tables. For knights who these may help, trestle tables are still made use of in the present day, mostly for celebrations.
  • Writing table: Just as the name states, writing tables were used for writing. They were what we call desks now. The table has some drawers used to keep books and other stationery. Medieval knights often used these tables to write letters for their lords.

For knight these may help, medieval knight furniture were often made out of oak, elm, ash, and poplar. They were also painted, mostly in green and red.

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