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Top 10 Large Bean Bag Chairs

Large Bean Bag Chairs

Top 10 Large Bean Bag Chairs

If you are looking for a large bean bag chair, finding one that is of high-quality, long-lasting durability, and a good price may seemingly be hard to find. Here are the top 10 large bean bag chairs you can choose from to find the one that works best for your needs.

Alta Oasis Large Bean Bag Lounger Chair

Water and stain-resistant, this simple, elegant bean bag chair provides excellent comfort for one person to sit, read, and relax. It’s also affordably priced while being crafted from high-quality materials. However, this is only the cover and you will need to fill it with the recommended six cubic feet of the proper polystyrene beans for maximum comfort. Still, the cover itself is stylish enough to fit perfectly into your living room, den, or most other rooms in the home. And, it offers child-proof zippers which makes it a great chair for the kid’s bedroom.

BeanBob Bean Bag Chair

This large, 4’ bean bag chair comes in steel gray and is perfect for children, teens, and small adults. The double stitching and double layers provide high-quality and durability even when roughly handled. The comfortable shape means that you can sit inside with good weight distribution that makes it quite cozy. Plus, its unique shape will support your body while still being small enough to easily fit into a play room, bedroom, den, or living room.

Big Joe Breeze Float

A simple design and quite inexpensive compared to similar-size bean bag chairs, the Breeze Float by Big Job provides ample comfort amid its wild, decorative orange cover. Perfect for the poolside, this bean bag chair lets you relax and sunbathe, read, or check your latest messages while relaxing. The cover is stain-resistant and washable, meaning you can enjoy your drinks and snacks without worrying about ruining the look of this remarkable chair. Plus, it is UV and mildew resistant.

Big Joe Media Lounger

There is no mistaking this large bean bag chair which is quite comfortable and can fit up to two people. The cover is made from soft, durable material that makes it cozy and relaxing to spend out sitting in. The foam filled sacks provide extra comfort and there are built-in handles to make it easy to move the back around. Plus, the bag itself never needs to be refilled, just fluff it on occasion and it will return to its normal shape. It’s also a plus that this large bean bag chair is made from green materials which makes it environmentally safe.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Large and in-charge, this remarkable bean bag chair from Chill Sack is even more comfortable than it looks. Perfect for kids and adults, it makes a great addition to the play room, living room, basement, or bedroom. At 60” x 60” x 34”, it’s large enough for two people and the soft memory foam fits to your body to make it a comfortable experience. High-quality cover that is stain-resistant and machine washable, this is the perfect bean bag chair for families.

Cozy Sack 5’ Bean Bag Chair

Big, plush, and quite comfortable, this five-foot large bean bag chair offers many benefits and is perfect for most rooms in the house. At 65 pounds, its still portable enough to be moved easily and the tough, durable cover makes it stain-resistant while being easy to clean. Perfect for one person or one adult and child, this entry by Cozy Sack offers excellent comfort while being compact enough to fit into most areas with ease.

Gamer’s Bean Bag Chair

Perfect for the game room, dorm room, or any room that could use a comfortable chair, this remarkable gamer’s chair offers excellent comfort in a sturdy shape, so you can sit for hours and relax. Firmly stitched and extra-large, so you can play games, watch movies, or take an afternoon nap, this floor-level chair provides the comfort needed for you to enjoy hours of activities. Although it is extra-large and can handle adults, it is also quite compact which makes it easy to move around the home where needed. It also makes it the perfect large bean bag chair for the dorm room, so college students can relax in style.

Jaxx 7’ Giant Bean Bag Sofa

Perhaps a bit pricey, but it’s certainly worth the investment as this 7’ bean bag is the perfect sofa or bedding for teens and adults alike. You can sink into the comfort that this bean bag offers thanks to the remarkable micro-suede or polyester cover that can be removed and machine-washed. What makes this giant bean bag sofa the right choice for most rooms in your home is that it provides pressure-relieving support, so you can lay back and enjoy the comfort. It also helps that it is easy to maintain and quite durable.

Large 8’ Bean Bag Chair

When 7’ isn’t enough, there is this remarkable 8’ bean bag chair that is filled with 68 pounds of premium cozy foam. A microfiber cover provides excellent comfort while being easy to clean. Plus, the Cozy Foam is made from handpicked virgin urethane which is quite soft, so you will enjoy laying down on this incredible bean bag. Perfect for children, teens, and adults, you can easily fit two people on this large bean bag chair and have room for snacks. Be advised you will need some room to fit this bean bag chair into your home, but it will be well worth it.

Multiple Size Bean Bag Chairs

You can start with this collection of multiple size bean bag chairs that come in different colors to fit the décor of your home. Ranging from 3 XL up to 8 XL, they have double layer construction for extra durability and have an internal protective liner, so you can remove the cover and wash it. While the bean bag chairs themselves are somewhat nondescript in terms of their appearance, they are quite durable and strong, meaning that they will be around for a long time with minimal maintenance.

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