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How to Oil Furniture

home furniture

How to Oil Furniture

hemp oil

The wooden furniture is one thing that can decorate any home. The era of wooden home furniture will never end because of its reliability and quality. Almost every house or commercial place has wooden furniture or other wooden stuff that increases the grace of the place. The wooden home furniture might lose its shine or after the use of many years, it needs to be refresh. Some people take the assistance of professionals to polish or oil the home furniture but some apply this process with the help of DIY.

Basically, oil help to protect the surface of the wood and make it long-lasting, here we quoted hemp oil because of its benefits. One of the main benefits of hemp oil is that it can bring out the natural shine of the home furniture and also provide protection against wetness and other weather conditions.

Hemp oil is powerful and durable that is why considered as the first choice for oil furniture. It will give you multiple functions, these are included:

i. Protect water

ii. alcohol-resistant

iii. Gives an attractive natural shine to the texture. Of home furniture

home furniture

If you want hand-rubbed oil finishes you can use hemp oil because it will give instant and beautiful application but for better results, you need to complete the process properly. Let’s discuss the types of finishes because the choice of the hemp oil or other liquids should be according to the finish of the furniture. The wrong selecting might not good for the furniture. So, let’s check these out.

With the Danish oil, you will get synthetic and Natural Tung-oil sealer will bring out the shine but it should be applied after some time because it will lose its shine and need to be refreshed. On the other hand, the Tung-oil use for the stain finish and it comes in two forms:

i. Semi-gloss

ii. high-gloss forms

iii. Several stain colors

home furniture

Linseed oil finish:
For the glossy and rich furnish, use it. It is also available with different variations of the oil specifically.

Mary Roadman finish:
This furnish is consisting of all the equal parts of boiled linseed oil natural, varnish, and turpentine. For the extra finish, you must mix all the elements properly.

Today, we are going to tell you how to oil furniture with the simple steps, lets follow.

home furniture

How to oil furniture:

Step No 1:
Prepare the surface:
The surface should be clean and stain-free because if the surface of the home furniture is not clean then the application of the oil will never give the efficient look of the furniture. If you want to use hemp oil for oil furniture, make sure the surface of the home furniture clean and if the furniture is recently painted, let it dry for at least 12 hours. After 12hours, you can apply the hemp oil for a glossy shine.

Step No 2:
Time to apply hemp oil:
The hemp oil has its natural green color that comes on the surface of the furniture but doesn’t worry, after some time as the oil absorbs in the wood, the green color will lighten over time. Use a paintbrush or use a simple dry cloth for the application of hemp oil. Just wipe the entire surface with the hemp oil coating and lets it soak for the next 12 hours for the finish.
(Note: painting sponge is recommended for better application)

Step No 3:
Buff it dry:
After the application of hemp oil use a lint-free cloth to wrap the excess oil on the surface. Now, the shine of the furniture is depending on the buffing.
(Note: the hemp oil will take one week for soaking so, don’t lose a patient because it’s the better solution for your home furniture).
Hemp oil is using for a very long time and it’s the best component for oil furniture. Though the oil has its natural color that also left on the surface it will leave over time. The glossy and shiny look of the furniture is also depending on the buffing of the furniture so, keep buffing until you will get your desired shiny surface.

hemp oil

The benefits of using hemp oil:
Here are some benefits of using hemp oil on home furniture, let’s check these:

  1. The hemp oil seep into the surface of the furniture and enhance the design and color of the grain
  2. The hemp oil is effectively protecting against the different weather effects and environment changes.
  3. The hemp oil will give you the natural finish without any issue and you can process this without any assistance.
  4. The hemp oil is made of non-toxic material and that is why its natural ingredients can give you accurate shine.
  5. The hemp oil finish is easy to apply and also easy to repair.
    Safety tips regarding hemp oil:
    The heat and liquid can ruin the finish and also you need to do something against the scratch and scuffing because the hemp oil will not provide you the protection against external harms. So, the better option is to apply wax after hemp oil application. Follow these tips:
  6. Apply a coat of wax for the protection of the surface of home furniture.
  7. If you never apply any protection coat of any fluid, never keep the furniture under the open sky.
  8. Avoid any encounter with the water or other chemical fluids.
    In short, hemp oil is best for the durability of your home furniture. You must consider it and increase the life of your wooden furniture. It’s also providing a cheap safety solution.

    Bottom line:
    The wooden furniture needs to polish and refresh after the use of many years. Even the v furniture doesn’t need to be repaired but it might lose its shine so, bring it to shine back, you must apply the oil process. The oil furniture will protect against external risks. For better results, you must consider the hemp oil and with a single coat, it will give you the shiny home furniture.
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