How to Clean and Care for Upholstery Furniture
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How to Clean and Care for Upholstery Furniture

How to Clean and Care for Upholstery Furniture

While the perfect upholstery piece can add a lot of style, class and elegance to your home, it can also wear out after a while if not properly looked after. When buying such a beautiful piece of furniture, you most certainly would want your investment to last.


Already bought that expensive sofa and don’t know how to keep it in tip-top shape? In case of a spill or mess, which with kids happens more often than not, you have to find a way to clean it while not messing it up even further.


No fret. Follow these steps to both clean and preserve your furniture for the worthy investment that it is.



Taking Care of Your Furniture


Protecting upholstery furniture’s fabric


When you buy fairly delicate furniture, you will sometimes get the option of getting it treated or be told to have it treated to protect it from any mess or spills. Although getting your fabric protected is a must, it only gets protected to a certain extent and won’t be completely stainproof if not cleaned immediately. The protection treatment will merely prevent liquids or substances to be absorbed into immediately.


Caring for fabric


While you might not receive a manual on how to maintain new upholstery, you can always inquire at the store you’re buying from. It’s also good to stay informed when it comes to cleaning the fabric of your furniture item. Do not use any products or methods that haven’t been advised by someone who doesn’t know how to care for this type of furniture.


Choose a fabric that works


Choose a fabric that matches your lifestyle. If you’re going to choose one that requires too much maintenance, you’re probably not going to be able to look well after it. When in doubt, choose a synthetic fabric that is easy to take care of, as well as both kid-friendly and pet-friendly.


Clean upholstery furniture on the regular


If you’re going to pay a lot of money on a furniture piece, you want it to last a long time, so be sure to remove any dust and dirt on a regular basis which will allow for extended longevity of your furniture. When in doubt, you can always use a soft brush that will allow for easier cleaning.



Professional cleaning


Before buying upholstery or delicate furniture, you should know that if you’d like to maintain it, it needs to be cleaned professionally on an annual basis. When summer approaches, it is usually the best time to book it for a cleaning session. Otherwise, if you mess or spill on it and cannot seem to clean it or get rid of the stains, also have it cleaned professionally immediately.

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