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Does furniture shopping ruin relationships?

Does furniture shopping ruin relationships?

What would you consider the best part of your relationship? The answer that will cloud your head is everything other than the fights that you and your partner engage in because your choices don’t match; one of these prime of points of decision making is reached when you go out shopping together for the furniture of your house, and now that we are directly dealing with the question, whether furniture shopping specifically ruins a relationship or not, our response to this sadly would be, “yes”. In the following bit, we will be analyzing a few reasons that lead up to this disparity created in a furniture store.

The first thing that will strike you when you have thought to go for the shopping is the budget and the number of units that must be installed right away. What might look like a necessity to you, can count as a luxury for your partner, or vice versa and understanding men and their choices in this case can turn difficult.

Let’s say that the budget is still somehow agreed upon, but the different pieces that are to be bought gives rise to a lot of debate; or where to use the units. Your partner might want to make the dining room most attractive looking part of the house or spend a considerable amount of the money in the bar, while your choice is the exact opposite- you can want the budget of purchase to be used equally among all the rooms so that none of them look out of place and thus there’s the first stage of the fight for you from where it only gets worse.

Then once you have reached the furniture store, there’s the inevitable disagreement about the size and color of the furniture. You choose a set of chairs that can be assembled around the table to fit everyone while your partner chooses a king-size sofa; this ends up in providing no ground of compromise and studies have shown that all these tiny points of difference in taste and opinion lead up to something that is more personal in nature, consequently hurting each other’s sentiments; understanding men would leave it on their partner to make the choice, but mostly this is not what happens.

Let’s consider you have somehow figured a way out to mutually agree upon the furniture that you will finally pick-up from the store, but then, you are awaited with the toughest part of this whole process: the unboxing and arrangement. Statistics have proven that couples find it most difficult to agree upon the sites where they will be installed apart from a few obvious ones, for example the sofa has to go into the living room, but what about the small study table that you have picked to add to the aesthetic value of the house? In which corner will you put it? And so the disputation continues…

We are not merely constructing reasons to establish our point; we have proven researches that prove the same. On a poll conducted about the number of discrepancies average couples face while shopping furniture, it has been found out that there are nearly 72 arguments about the styling of décor, the budget and purchasing decisions in a year proving that the attempts made at understanding men and women are in vain.

Interestingly enough, 8-10 of these fights take place in the furniture store itself, a quite a lot of them pop out of nowhere at random places like a movie theater or a market. Therefore, it would be wise on you reader’s part to engage a designer to take care of the needs of the house so that you and your partner do not end up ruining it.

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