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Best Wine Coolers To Complete Your Kitchen Remodel

built in wine cooler

Best Wine Coolers To Complete Your Kitchen Remodel

If it’s time to remodel your kitchen, there are a lot of ideas that you are going to consider. You have space to cook, you have space to eat, and you have space to store; what is there to think about? You have to plan it out; do you want an open view or closed. What type of appliances are you considering? In today’s world of appliances, there are so many things to consider. Another factor to consider is wine. If you like to drink wine, you may want to have the best of both worlds; a wine cooler built in or a part of your new kitchen remodel. The best wine coolers is available to you and can help you create the right look for your kitchen.

A built in wine cooler is something else you may want to consider. You want to be happy with the wine cooler you select for your kitchen. This is the time that you are remodeling. You will most likely not remodel anytime soon once this remodel is over so be sure you make the right decision on all your appliances including the wine coolers. If you like the vintage look of the older style wine coolers, you may want to consider replacing the older model with a new model that features the vintage look. Many of the appliances available today can be replicas of the 1950’s 60’s, and so on. You can find the best wine coolers available to consider for your new kitchen by reading on below to see what the top five choices are in wine coolers for your kitchen. Once you find the right wine cooler for you, then you can start preparing your décor for the final touches to create the look you want others to see. When working on the look of your kitchen, get a few ideas from others around you that live in the home as well.

1: Dual Zone with French Doors
When remodeling your kitchen, you need to carefully plan out your space. You may want a wide commercial stove to prepare fancy dinners on, but you may only have room for a standard size. The good part about adding a wine cooler to your kitchen is that they don’t take up a lot of space at all. For example, the EdgeStar wine fridge will only take up about 24 inches of space and only stands 34 inches tall. This is a little bigger than the standard wine coolers, but this means that it can also hold up to 36 standard sized wine bottles. The EdgeStar is also dual-zoned so that means that you can have different temperatures set for different bottles with a temperature that can range from 40 degrees to 65 degrees. With the French-style doors, you will be able to open up the doors to get the one bottle that you want as they are displayed a certain way.

2: The All Around and Versatile Wine Cooler
What is it that you want out of a wine cooler? Is it the convenience of displaying your wine so you can find the right bottle every time without digging through other bottles? Is it the fact that visitors will come into your kitchen and notice how neat your wine is stored? Or would it be the fact that the wine cooler is beautiful with its own design which reflects positively on your sense of style. This is a freestanding unit that you can build in if you want to.

This wine cooler can hold up to 30 standard sized bottles of wine. It is also only fifteen inches wide and can be placed in a lot of open but limited spaces. If you are removing a trash compactor, for example, the wine cooler unit will fit perfectly in that location. Another benefit of choosing this model is that the doors can be reversed so they open in the direction you need them to. This allows you to fit your wine coolers into any opening and the unit will be able to be customized accordingly. It features a digital LED control panel for easy reading and adjustment. The tinted glass door will help to protect the wine collection within so the harsh lights can reduce as they penetrate through the glass

3: The Wine Tower
Wine collection can occur on so many levels from the amateur level to the advanced level. No matter what your collection level is, this Edgestar unit is going to be the bee’s knees when it comes to wine coolers. The tower is tall and slim so it is going to be free standing, or you can place it anywhere you have about six feet of height to spare. The good news is that the doors to this wine tower is reversible so you can utilize your space. While the wine tower is a single-zone unit, it can still keep the temperatures down to between 40 and 65 degrees at all times. You can house approximately 166 standard sized wine bottles within this unit which is going to display a variety of taste for you and for your guests.

4: Loaded and Compact Model
This model is the perfect model for those who don’t have a lot of space to work with. Featuring a small shell, this dual zoned unit will make it easy to find the bottle of wine you want to open and serve. The French doors on this unit makes it easy to search and locate the wine you need. It holds a total of 53 standard sized wine bottles to choose from at your leisure. The front section offers ventilation that helps the unit to stay on top of its cooling down feature. Because the ventilation is in front, you will be able to place this model in different locations throughout the kitchen. Every time you open this unit you will see a LED light making it easier to find the bottle you are looking for. The exterior glass is tinted as well. Another thing you don’t have to worry about is defrosting your wine cooler as this unit features the auto-defrost option. To keep the kids out of your cooler, you will notice that there is a security lock feature available as well. Like the name says, this unit is loaded and compact so you can get everything you want and need in a model.

5: Class and Win Model
You can have any type of wine that you want in your wine cooler. You could display the most expensive bottle, or you can go for the wine you find at the grocery store. Whatever you select, it will taste good with the correct balance of temperature in the unit. This model offers the French doors to make it easier to find what you are looking for. It also features stainless steel trim for an added bonus. There is even large shelving to store your bottles with ease. The basics of a wine cooler can be found in this unit. The only option it doesn’t have is portability. This unit will be perfect for the standard wine cooler that needs nothing special about it but can serve the same purpose.

How to Choose the Right Wine Cooler
You don’t need to make your selection right away. The first thing you will need to do is to decide where you want to put your wine cooler in your kitchen once it is remodeled. This is going to take the most time to decide. You may want to put it over in the corner away from everything or you may want to put it close to the table for easy access. Wherever you choose, you can display your wine cooler where it matters to you the most. Measure the area that you want to put it in. Measure again to be sure that you have the right measurement. Be sure to measure across and up and down for the perfect fit. When you measure, it should be free of any pipes on the floor or anything else that would prevent it from sitting flush against the cabinet. Once you measure, you can begin your search for the perfect wine cooler for your home. There are so many choices available out there so you may need to narrow down your search based on what you like and what fits. Don’t try to force a model that won’t fit just because you want it to. Sometimes the best wine coolers are the ones that are the least expensive and offer the least number of bells and whistles.

Since you are remodeling your kitchen, you may want to consider a built-in wine cooler that can be built into your kitchen cabinetry. It may not be able to be moved in the future, it would look very sophisticated when placed in your finished kitchen décor.

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