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10 Things Furniture Stores Won’t Tell You

10 Things Furniture Stores Won’t Tell You

Every marketing consultant in a furniture store will try to make you buy the best stuff out there. But in reality, there are many situations when the consultant will omit some things. It’s not exactly something super important or relevant, but it can be a crucial aspect that he does not say at that particular time. And you may wonder here, what are these people not telling you in the first place? Here’s a list of stuff that most of the furniture store stuff will not tell you at all.

It can be very hard to re-sell your furniture

What you may not realize most of the time is that once you start using your furniture, it will lose a lot of its value. In fact, as soon as the furniture leaves the store, it will start losing its value. So you can’t get your money back in total. You may be able to get some of that here and there, but for the most part you can’t get it all back, so try to take that into consideration. But the good thing is that there are lots of places online where you can get fairly new furniture. That’s still pretty good, and the value is actually more than impressive most of the time. But on the other hand, you do need to look for such deal.

They don’t appear all the time, and you must make sure that you pay accordingly. Some people expect top dollar for something like this. But you can also find some good deals on the cheap too, which is always a very good option to take into consideration.

You will have most of the good deals in the back

Every marketing consultant will tell you that the best deals are in the back. People will just check the front and see an item they like, they will most likely buy that. But the reason behind that is that the least expensive and sometimes even higher quality stuff is in the back. Yet people that don’t like the idea of moving too much around the store will just be ok with the stuff that’s in front. That’s why you need to go to the back if you really want to get a very good value for your money.

Stores like IKEA tend to make it easy for customers to see the stuff in front, but reaching the back is harder. They make a connection from the front to the register, so you can spend more. It definitely makes a lot of sense to use such an approach, but it doesn’t really work every time, at least not the way that you would intend it to work for you.

The know how to manage and advertise everything in order to make you focus on certain items. That’s why every marketing consultant will focus on specific things when selling you stuff. They know exactly what to focus on and what to make you buy. It may feel a bit problematic at first, but in the end it all makes sense.

Design consultants are still salespersons

These salespersons have a single premise, and that is to make you buy stuff. They know exactly what you have to do in order to gain the best results. They will be focused on selling more furniture to you. So they will always guide you towards the more expensive stuff. Of course, they do respect your choice if you opt for a certain product. But for the most part, if you didn’t choose a particular item, they will try to posh you towards a more expensive model. And that’s ok in the end, because it offers a much better perspective and a very distinct value due to that.

In addition, you will notice that their help is a bit intrusive right off the bat. That’s because they want to make you purchase stuff fast, the faster you get hooked to the products, the better it will be in the end.

The financing plans can damage your credit score

Just because they have financing plans, that doesn’t mean the plans are good for you. If anything, this goes to show that the furniture stores care about themselves and their profits. Sure, they will offer you plans that seem good, but in the end they do want to earn as much as possible. And many times you will end up spending a lot more than you may imagine in the store. That’s why you need to have the right focus and commitment when it comes to something like this.

If you miss payments, things can be pretty challenging, and you really need to think about all mechanics and challenges in front of you. That being said, you will always have to focus on value and quality and value more than anything. It’s certainly a good investment and one that can indeed pay off immensely in the end. You just have to think about where you can get the right value and how you can achieve all the best results out there. It’s definitely a challenge to find the right plans, but most of the time these will damage your credit score either way. Just try to take that into consideration. You should have most of the money for your furniture, if not all. This way you can avoid this type of financial trap.

You will spend a lot more after getting the furniture

Purchasing your furniture is only half of the process. You also need to spend a lot of money on assembly fees too. And there are delivery prices to consider too, which is very important to keep in mind here. In case you want upholstered furniture, you may even need a fabric protection plan and that will cost you extra as well.

In addition, you will notice that there are plans with protection or some sort of insurance against pets or kids as well. The assembly fees indoor will be added in there as well. So yes, even if your furniture is not expensive at first, it will definitely get a lot more expensive as you go along. It does make a lot of sense to use such an approach, and in the end you really have to tackle all the mechanics in a meaningful way. You have to realize that the return on investment will be a tremendous one every time. Rest assured that the value is indeed among some of the best as long as you have most of this stuff included. So you won’t have to pay extra. But usually, that’s not the case and you have to pay more anyways.

Never pay the full sticker price

There are always promotions and discounts. You can also find vouchers. Plus, many times those prices are inflated in order to make people spend more anyways. Just because you see that the price is there, that doesn’t really mean it’s the truth. It does make a lot of sense why they out that in there, but not all the time. After all, why would they just make you believe the price is one thing, when in reality the price is lower? Well, they want to make you pay more.

This means if you believe you have a better deal, they win more from your side, and everyone is happy as well. So yes, even if it seems pretty much like a very demanding deal, it’s the type of thing that will be problematic for you. There are online variants where you can pay less too. So you really need to find a place where you can pay less. Or you can use discounts, whatever you can in order to make the prices lower!

The quality differs

Just because two pieces seem the same, that’s not really the case. There are materials which are easier to work with and repair. Others are more difficult. So you really have to study the situation and figure out what you like the most in there. That being said, you need to check online to identify what type of quality tests they did. That’s the only way to avoid any major problems. It’s not going to be an easy thing, but the return on investment may very well be an interesting one in here.

There’s no responsibility for any furniture damage

The reason is simple, as soon as the furniture leaves the store, it’s your property. No company will offer you a replacement if the furniture is damaged a bit while shipping. There are lots of complaints regarding damaged furniture. But the furniture companies know how to protect themselves against stuff like this. That’s why they don’t offer any benefits or help when you encounter this type of problem. The idea for them is to offer a very good value and quality while using a much better and more comprehensive strategy as you go alone.

The thing to keep in mind here is that you do need to find a way to avoid furniture damage. Make sure that the room is clear and once that happens, nothing will be able to stand in your way. Plus, taking the right measurements will help you avoid a wide range of issues in this perspective. It really is one of the better options, and something you will enjoy quite a bit in that situation.

Your furniture will not arrive fast, regardless what the marketing consultant says

Just because the marketing consultant says that the furniture arrives soon, that may not be the case. Many times the furniture needs to be ordered from the manufacturer. Creating the furniture takes a lot of time. And then you also have to add shipping time too. These are all things that you may not consider. But they add up and in the end it will require quite a lot of time to tackle and complete all of that. The truth is that it’s a very demanding project and a very time-consuming one. You just have to realize that even if the consultant tells you something, that doesn’t mean it will arrive when he/she says it. In fact, it may take a whole lot of time to enjoy the experience, so try to take that into consideration to get the best possible outcome every time.

Of course, you can talk with the marketing consultant to at least find an approximate time and once you do that the results will be quite amazing in the end. It all comes down to making the right pick, and you will not have a problem reaching the best possible experience in that perspective.

The marketing consultant won’t get paid until you buy

Now you see why the marketing consultant will push you to buy stuff. They are not getting paid until you purchase. There’s a system in place that will offer them a bonus when you actually purchase stuff. You just have to realize that the return on investment will be a very good option in that perspective. The commission system is important, because it offers a really distinct and unique value for you to explore and enjoy. It all comes down to taking the right approach and using the best pick in the end. You do need to take your time and you will have no problem achieving the best possible experience.

As you can see, not every marketing consultant will tell the truth. They do have to hide some things in order to make you buy. The results are still very good and the reality is that you always get a tremendous value in the long run, as long as everything is invested the right way. All you have to do is to make the right pick and yes, you will like the approach quite a bit in the end. In the end, you have to study what the furniture stores do and how they approach you. They don’t want you to benefit all the time, they are a business and want to profit from your purchase!

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